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Interfraternity Council (IFC)

Letter from the IFC President

On behalf of the Executive Board and the entire Interfraternity Council (IFC), I would like to welcome you to the IFC community at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette!

One of the best things about becoming a Ragin' Cajun is having the opportunity to join one or more of our 200+ organizations on campus. For you, this may include joining a Greek organization. Joining a fraternity is one of the best ways to become involved on campus and also in the community. The Greek system here at UL Lafayette strongly promotes leadership, loyalty, respect, friendship and, of course, brotherhood. By joining a fraternity, you will gain lifelong friendships with others who have chosen to become Greek, as well.

By becoming Greek, I have excelled tremendously, both socially and academically. Everything I have done since my first day at UL Lafayette can find its roots in my decision to join a fraternity. This decision has led to all of my jobs and summer internships, my numerous other involvements on and off campus, as well as my best friends. I can honestly say joining a fraternity was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I hope you will do the same.

Everyone's experience in Greek Life is different, though. This was just mine, and there are many others like it, but there are many unlike it, too. What unites our experiences is the desire to better ourselves, the people around us, and our community.

I know that you will enjoy everything that Greek life has to offer. The experience will not only enrich your college career, but also help shape your future in order for you to be successful. I am glad that you have chosen to join the Ragin' Cajun community, and I am looking forward to meeting you next semester.

Alex Enderlin
Interfraternity Council President

Left to right: (Evan Bechac, David Lanclos, Grayson Stepanek, Blake Champagne, Gabe Cupstid, Ayush Deshpande, Yoani Suarez)

Alex Enderlin
IFC President

Nicholas Lawson
Vice President of Recruitment

Jack Kahn
Vice President of Public Relations

Brett Leblanc
Vice President of Administration

Brett Thibodeaux
Vice President of Events
Michael Signorelli
Vice President of Development

Vice President of Judicial Affairs

IFC Fall 2023 Recruitment

This year, there are two options for Fraternity Recruitment at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. You will be eligible for both by completing the Registration. The first option is Informal Recruitment for Non Freshman. Fraternities will invite you to recruitment functions throughout the summer, as well as IFC-related events. If you decide you want to commit to a certain fraternity, you can accept a bid from any of our eight organizations by September 1st, 2023. Your accepted bid will be turned in to the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership and your name will be removed from the Formal Recruitment Process. If you accept a bid through Informal Recruitment, you cannot participate in Formal Recruitment, but can attend Bid Day events.

If you are a first time freshman, it is required for you to participate in the Formal Recruitment Process in order to get a better understanding of the Fraternity Community here at UL Lafayette and meet all of the chapters throughout the week. If this is something you would like to do, complete the application and wait for more information from the Vice President of Recruitment, Nick Lawson. If you are contacted by chapters throughout the summer, feel free to attend their events, just notify them that you are planning to make your final decision in the Formal Recruitment Process. This year IFC Formal Recruitment will take place from 9/4-9/9/2023. It is FREE to participate.

  • Monday (September 4th) @ 5:30-8 pm in the Union: Orientation Day/ Presentation Day 1- a chance for you to get to meet all the fraternities and learn the recruitment process (casual attire)
  • Tuesday (September 5th) @ 5:30-8 pm in the Union: Presentation Day 2 - a chance for you to get to meet all the fraternities and learn the recruitment process (casual attire)
  • Wednesday (September 6th) @5:30-8 pm: Philanthropy Round 1 - the opportunity for you meet the fraternities and interact with them in a casual atmosphere (casual attire)
  • Thursday (September 7th) @5:30-8 pm: Philanthophy Round 2 - the opportunity for you meet the fraternities and interact with them in a casual atmosphere (casual attire)
  • Friday (September 8th) @5-8pm on Fraternity Row/Various Locations: Preference Day- last chance to visit with each fraternity as well as tour their houses (business professional/ tie preferred)
  • Saturday (September 9th) @10-12pm in the Cajundome Convention Center: Bid Day

Register here:!/enroll/enrollment-disclaimer


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