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Guide to Greek Life

The benefits of joining a fraternity or sorority go far beyond a few years of fun, friends and personal development. National studies generated by the UCLA Higher Education Research Institute among college freshmen indicate that a degree of involvement outside the classroom produces more satisfied students who do better in school, graduate at a higher rate and are often more loyal to their universities.

Top 10 facts about Greek Life

  • We’re Smart! On average, the all-sorority and fraternity GPA consistently matches and often well exceeds the all-women’s, men’s, and campus averages. Did you know that a UL Greek student is 45.3 percent more likely to graduate in four years than the average UL Student?
  • We’re Diverse! Fraternities and sororities represent the rich diversity of the campus population and depict UL Lafayette’s multifaceted community.
  • We’re Responsible! Greek men and women remain committed to the ongoing education of its members on issues such as alcohol & drug use.
  • We Help Others! UL Lafayette’s fraternity and sorority members participate in countless hours of community service efforts and contribute annually to charitable organizations.
  • We’re Leaders! Greek men and women are involved in an array of campus activities, are often the most visible campus leaders, and are the most enthusiastic supporters of University events like Homecoming, Greek-wide events, and intramural sports.
  • We Don’t Haze! Hazing is prohibited; it’s against the law, and at UL Lafayette it is enforced... plain and simple! Educational seminars and presentations are given to members in meetings and forums that outline the definition and consequences of this illegal activity.
  • We’re Affordable! UL Lafayette's Greek system is affordable for today’s working student.
  • We’re Not Rich! Greek members are not wealthy! Men and women in sororities and fraternities maintain jobs, internships, receive financial aid, and obtain scholarships to afford their college education.
  • We Network! Fraternity men and sorority women are afforded networking opportunities through Greek Alumni for job assistance and advice, internships, exposure, experience and general direction.
  • We have fun! Sorority and fraternity members maintain a balance between classroom and personal time. Events such as socials, date parties, retreats, formals, Greek shows and parent weekends are just a few of the activities offered.

Social Development

  • A big part of college is taking the time to enjoy life. The Greeks take a larger step to help college students' social development.
  • Fraternities and sororities are a major part of intramural sports at UL Lafayette. Participation by most members, with a special emphasis on fun, is an excellent way to develop not only physical skills, but to promote spirit, sportsmanship, and teamwork in and among chapters.
  • Formal events, costume/theme parties, cookouts, football game parties, Greek shows, Greek Week, Homecoming, picnics, variety shows, socials, and various other parties offer inexpensive means of becoming a well-rounded individual and are a great way to have fun. Besides providing the opportunity to meet new people and have new experiences, Greek chapters also aid in the development of skills to be comfortable in these performances. Greeks sponsor workshops and lectures that range in subject matter from etiquette to alcohol and substance abuse, anti-drunk driving campaigns and seminars on date rape. Greeks are looking for students who want to enjoy themselves, but at the same time are mature and responsible.

Social and Community Service

  • Because most Greek organizations at UL Lafayette were founded on Christian principles, service is a meaningful part of each chapter's goals. Greeks take part in community service work (called philanthropy) such as sponsoring blood drives, tutoring students, and raising funds for various charities including MDA, American Heart Association, St. Jude's Research Hospital and Children's Miracle Network.
  • Projects such as these heighten the individual's awareness of the problems of others and of the responsibility each has to the community and society.

Sisterhood and Brotherhood

  • Beyond all else, each chapter offers a warm, congenial association with others of like interests. An individual grows comfortable as a strong sense of belonging is realized. From this experience, the individual realizes the sisterhood or brotherhood found within the fraternal societies.
  • Each sister and brother, individuals with their own backgrounds, share experiences, hopes, successes and failures. Each brother and sister adds to another's life in making it fuller. And because of this bond, friendships develop that last beyond a semester and surpass college life. Sisters and brothers become friends for life!
  • Brotherhood and sisterhood are unique, private bonds based on intangible principles. To know of its existence is one thing, to experience brotherhood or sisterhood is another.

Sense of Leadership

  • Through the techniques of self government, every Greek acquires experience in public speaking, decision making, rules of conduct, parliamentary procedure, committee work, assumption of individual and group responsibilities, self-confidence, budgeting and maintenance of individuality while supporting majority patterns. Fraternities and sororities are a microcosm of the real world.
  • Being leaders, Greeks hold offices in nearly every student organization on campus including the Student Government Association, Union Program Council, honorary societies, departmental clubs, etc.
  • We even have a class for it! If a student is a member of a Greek Organization they are eligible to take a one-credit course on Leadership called the Greek Leadership Class.
  • Then, Greeks go on to lead our country. More than 70 percent of legislators, US presidents, and key business executives are Greek. The reason: within the classroom, students gain knowledge of leadership; within the Greek system, students gain valuable experience in leadership.

What Current Members Parents Think! 

"At first I was concerned about the negative stories that I heard as a student in college about Greek organizations, however knowing my son- the concerns gradually vanished.  He is not a quitter. He’s only become more self-efficient, organized, disciplined, caring, and dedicated. He has become a young man who will definitely complete the goals he has set for himself. Proud is not enough to describe my feelings about my son! Greek-life has certainly been a plus for his college life."

Linda B. Romero

"Although neither my husband or I were Greeks in college, we encouraged our son to join a fraternity. We had witnessed other college students go off to school but return home every weekend as they hadn’t really ever found their place at school. Our son found a group of young men that look out for each other and also hold each other accountable. He has grown with the responsibilities he has been given and had experiences that have better prepared him for life. There is absolutely no way he would have made as many lifelong friends and had as many great memories if he had not joined a fraternity." 

Learn about the Academic status, community service, disciplinary status, and group excellence of each of our groups here!