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Multicultural Greek Council (MGC)


The Multicultural Greek Council at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette is comprised of three organizations: Sigma Lambda Gamma and Delta Lambda Phi. The mission of this council is “to develop an environment of tolerance, unity, and support by creating, promoting and maintaining spaces for nonlinear populations. This council will actively educate the campus community on Multiculturalism, diversity, inclusion, and equity while improving the visibility of marginalized demographics.” Our council promotes such values through philanthropy, forums, and supporting all other multicultural organizations on campus.

The purpose of the Multicultural Greek Council is: 

   To provide a safe space that will function as meetings where information and concerns shall be expressed.

   To serve as a legislative body through preserving the values set forth by the University and this council

   To serve as a network that will foster connections between all peoples in the University.

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Council Organizations:

Delta Lambda Phi National Fraternity 

Sigma Lambda Gamma Sorority Inc.