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Rules Governing Events with Alcohol ON CAMPUS

Revised fall 2011

As part of the University community, all students, staff, faculty and recognized organizations are obligated to be familiar with and follow the University’s Alcohol and Drug Policy.  Further, individuals and organizations are expected to adhere to the requirements listed below when hosting a function on campus where alcoholic beverages are present.

All local, state, and federal ordinances shall be observed.  Laws governing the legal drinking age will be strictly followed.  No individuals under the age of 21 may consume or be in possession of any alcoholic beverage.

President and social chair/risk management chair from the organization must attend a workshop sponsored by the UL Lafayette Office of Drug and Alcohol Education and Prevention each academic year before any functions with alcohol are held on or off campus. Typically this workshop is held in October of the fall semester and January/February of the spring semester. Alcohol certification will be for one year only. Alcohol certification will be valid from date of the workshop to the next workshop the following year.

All guidelines, policies and regulations pertaining to risk and alcohol management that are provided by the UL Lafayette Alcohol and Drug Policy should be followed.

Organizations are expected to abide by all guidelines, policies, and regulations pertaining to risk and alcohol management as provided by the respective national organization and/or National Risk Management Insurers.

All on campus events must be registered with the Dean of Students Office no less than two weeks in advance. If an event is cosponsored both groups must register the event.

No on campus open parties are allowed. For on-campus closed parties, a guest list must be turned in within 4 days after the event to the Dean of Students Office. Acceptable closed parties include:
Sorority/fraternity event (social)
Event with alumni group
Invitation only parties. The University reserves the right to advise each organization of the number of invitations allowed.

All members and guests must have a pictured identification card. Individuals who are old enough to drink legally will be identified by wristbands provided by the third party vendor.  Only those who are 21 years of age or older will be permitted to drink alcoholic beverages. Carding for alcohol will be conducted by the third party vendor. High school students and anyone under 18 years old will not be allowed in the event. Carding for entrance of age into the will be done at the party entrance by the Event Risk Manager (or his/her designee) and University Police.

A minimum of two officers must be present at the function to serve as security for on-campus events. The University reserves the right to require more security based on the number of guests expected. The contract with the University Police must be approved two weeks prior to the event. Role of the officer(s):
UP along with Event Risk Manager will check ids at the entrance of the party to make sure those entering the party are at least 18 and not in high school.
Check the third party vendor bartenders for valid bar cards.
Check to make sure third party vendor is only selling keg beer and wine.
Walk through the party to help with problems, disruptions, and address policy violations. Generally, officer(s) will not enter bedrooms of a fraternity house, unless emergency circumstances are present that necessitate the need to enter an area.
Will shut down the party if alcohol is present that is not provided by the third party vendor.
Monitor the activities of the third party vendor in regards to carding properly for the alcohol sales.

There must only be one party entrance for events.

A third party vendor must provide the alcohol for the event. A third party vendor:
Must be a licensed caterer and/or licensed establishment that will provide trained bartenders. These bartenders must be employed by the same licensed caterer/establishment and may not drink during the duration of the event.
Must check ids and serve alcoholic beverages to only those who are 21 and older.
Must possess a $1,000,000 liability policy.
Must serve only keg beer and wine for events. Any other drink must be approved in writing on a case by case basis through the Dean of Students Office prior to the event. Guests may use cash only to pay for their own beverages. Tabs in the name of the organization are not allowed.
Must keep all alcohol in their control at all times.
Place a wristband on those drinking alcoholic beverages for parties.
Notify University Police if they see alcohol at the party that is not provided by the third party vendor.
It is very important that the Event Risk Manager and other event planners have a meeting in person with the third party vendor to discuss details of the event. Planning over the phone is not suggested.

The organization will designate one member as an Event Risk Manager. This person will serve as contact person to the University Police or licensed establishment and will not drink during the entire duration of the event. Role of the Event Risk Manager:
Make sure all University rules and policies are being followed.
The liaison for the third party vendor for the event. Must communicate with third party vendor the policies of the University and also other policies that the organization may have about parties with alcohol that are more strict than University policy.
Coordinate designated drivers taking home members not able to drive home.
Liaison with University Police.
Work with the officer(s) to check ids at the entrance of the party to make sure those entering the party are at least 18 and not in high school.
Make sure only alcohol is provided by the third party vendor and that no other alcohol is present at the party.
Make sure only one party entrance is being used.

The organization will provide two Designated Drivers. In case of cosponsored event then each organization must provide two Designated Drivers. Tipsy Taxi may be used as designated drivers. Please indicate on ems if using Tipsy Taxi. Vouchers may be requested for parties. Contact Lafayette Sheriff's Office for vouchers (337) 236-5657 ext. 31.

Non-alcohol beverages shall be provided at the function. Water is not considered a non-alcoholic beverage.

An appropriate amount of food shall be provided at the function.

The organization members shall not permit, tolerate, encourage or participate in drinking games for on or off-campus events.

No common sources of alcohol shall be distributed at any time by organization members or guests i.e. kegs, keg balls (anything with a tap), jungle juice, and bottles of liquor.

During the event, the chapter will prominently display three “Don’t Drink and Drive” posters in the alcohol distribution area, near the entrance/exit, and in the common area.

If an event is held at the UL Alumni Center a separate event registration form is required. University Police must be hired. Sodexo must be hired as the third party vendor. In the event that the alcohol is donated please discuss specifics with the Dean of Students Office.

Organizations are prohibited from having an event that is sponsored by any tobacco company. This includes accepting money or give-a-ways from the tobacco company.

When a party is held at a fraternity house the the band/music should project noise away from the neighborhood and keep the door shut at all times.

Greek organizations must submit structural approval form if applicable.

For fraternity house events, the exterior will be cleaned up within 18 hours of event. This time frame may be shortened by the Dean of Students Office if there is a major event going on in the area.