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Greek Expo Rules and Regulations

1.Obscenities, obscene gestures, vulgarity, or profanity will not be allowed. This includes: step teams, MC’s, DJ’s, and also special guests or attractions.

2. There will be a 15 minute time limit for each step performance.

3. All defamatory or derogatory remarks about other organizations or individuals are strictly

4. Anyone caught destroying any property, fighting, or involved in any unlawful behavior will
be turned over to the proper authorities for prosecution.

5. Each organization will draw for the order of performances during an official NPHC meetingwith two representatives from the Office of Greek Affairs and the current President and VicePresident present. Once everyone has drawn, organizations have the option to switch with another organization, but the same representatives must be present and the order must be revoted on at an official meeting at least two weeks before the show.

6. Seating arrangements for UL NPHC Organizations must be equal according to the chapter
with the most representatives. If an organization has more seats than needed and another has
less, it is expected that the organization with the more amount of seats be courteous and allow
the organization with the needed seats have their unoccupied seats.

7. Organizations with two or less able members may choose not to participate without a penalty.

8. Organizations that have more than two members and choose not to participate without any
documented excuse (Convention, prior excused event, etc.) will have consequences that are
decided at the board’s discretion. The board must let the consequence(s) be known prior to

9. Each organization will be presented with a copy of this which the President is to sign in order
for his or her organization to participate in Expo. Each organization will also be given a copy
for the organization to keep for its own records in case there are any questions regarding the
rules fo Expo.