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Recruitment Questions

Am I the Greek type?

There is a place for everyone in the Greek system. There is no model Greek; UL Lafayette is home to a uniquely diverse Greek society. Learn more about being Greek at the National Sorority Life web site. Parents can learn more about sorority life on the National Panhellenic Conference web page.

Do I need to register for Formal Recruitment, and how much does it cost?

Yes, this is done to make it easier on you and the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership. updated application information will be vailable soon..

What happens during Recruitment Week?

Panhellenic Formal Recruitment takes place each fall semester. Orientation and Rounds allow you opportunities to meet members of each sorority and make an informed decision about joining.

Sample Recruitment Schedule Breakdown (approximate times):

  • Convocation (Wed. August 28th) : 6:00pm in the Union Ballroom
  • Open House (Thurs. August 29th): 3:00pm-11:00pm CajunDome Convention Center
  • Philanthropy Day (Fri. August 30th): 1:30pm- 11:00pm CajunDome Convention Center
  • Sisterhood Day (Sun. September 1st): 12:00pm-9:00pm CajunDome Convention Center
  • Preference (Mon. September 2nd): 7:30am- 2:00pm CajunDome Convention Center
  • Bid (Mon. Sept 2nd): 6:00pm Bourgeois Rec Center

Will there be someone to help guide me through Recruitment Week?

Yes. One of the first people you will meet during Recruitment will be your Gamma Chi, sometimes called your recruitment counselor. She is trained to help you out during Sorority Recruitment.  During Recruitment Week, she is disassociated from her sorority in order to be a neutral helper for you during that week. To these women, it does not matter which sorority you join; she wants to make the Recruitment process as enjoyable as possible for you.

Will being Greek affect my grades, and how important are grades?

That all depends on you. The Greek system at UL Lafayette has a higher average GPA than that of the undergraduate student body. All Greek Organizations at UL Lafayette have a scholarship program available to their members. Scholarship is the most significant factor in sorority selection and membership. GPA requirements are derived from either your high school or college grades. Please note the minimum GPA required by any Panhellenic group on the UL Lafayette campus for a high school or college student is a 2.5. Some groups, however, have higher GPA requirements. Any potential new member must understand the strong emphasis on academics placed by the individual chapters. 

How much are dues?

Sorority dues will be about $500-700 for your first semester and about $300-$400 for each semester after that.  It can sometimes be broken down into monthly payments to make it easier to pay. Any updates to costs will be posted before the start of the semester. 

Click HERE for a cost breakdown. 

Will I be hazed?

First and foremost: hazing is absolutely forbidden. You do not have to prove anything to others. Each organization does have membership expectations. During the time that you are considering joining a sorority, be sure to ask pointed questions about the expectations for new members. If you do join an organization, and feel something is not right, contact the Assistant Director, Greek Life in the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership or the national organization to which the local chapter is affiliated. All UL Lafayette student organizations, including Greek organizations, must follow the UL Lafayette Campus Drug and Alcohol Policy and Anti Hazing Policy.

How much time does a sorority expect you to commit?

The time commitment varies from chapter to chapter, but the first semester is the most time intensive, as the new member goes through the chapter's education program. The time spent in this program will give you the opportunity to develop your leadership and time management skills, learn about your organization, develop friendships, and allow you to become involved with other organizations on campus.

Each chapter has weekly chapter meetings and other events (philanthropies, socials,  initiation, etc) throughout the year, but they are planned well in advance. In addition to the weekly meeting, the more you participate in the chapter, the more you will get out of being a member!

What is a Letter of Recommendation (rec), and am I required to get recommendations?

A Letter of Recommendation is one that is written on your behalf that speaks of your character, accomplishments, grades, and activities from a woman who has already been in that particular sorority. Therefore, it is beneficial to have someone you know write these for you.

Letters of Recommendation are not required to go through Recruitment at UL Lafayette. It is the responsibility of each individual sorority to secure recommendations. Each national sorority has its own guidelines and recommendation forms that its alumna members must use.The UL Lafayette Panhellenic Council does not provide these forms. If an alumna is not familiar with her own sorority’s regulations, she should contact her national/international sorority or visit their appropriate website for additional information. UL Lafayette Panhellenic does not set a deadline for submission of letters of recommendation. They likely will be required by the first week of August in order for the sororities to properly consider them before recruitment starts.

All Recommendation forms or letters should either be sent directly from the alumna to the address noted below for each chapter, OR they should submit their recommendation online.

Alpha Delta Pi
111 Glynn Abel Dr. Lafayette, LA 70503

Alpha Omicron Pi
PO Box 44823 Lafayette, LA 70504

Delta Delta Delta
PO Box 40450 Lafayette, LA 70504

Kappa Delta
PO Box 40465 Lafayette, LA 70504

Phi Mu
PO Box 40692 Lafayette, LA 70504

Sigma Sigma Sigma
PO Box 40142 Lafayette, LA 70504