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Fraternity and Sorority Leadership Class

The Fraternity and Sorority (UNIV 398) Leadership course has been designed to help students in fraternal organizations or students greatly interested to learn more about the history, best practices, and foundations that create strong fraternity and sorority communities. This class is divided into three units: History, Critical Issues, and Leadership Strategies. My hope for this course is for you to grow in your leadership, learn something new, and acquire knowledge on the importance of cross council relationships.

Course Learning Outcomes:

After successful completion of UNIV 398, students will be able to:
1. Think critically and develop solutions to issues directly related to Greek Life
2. Understand all aspects of the different councils and chapters that make up the Fraternity and Sorority community nationwide
3. Gain a deeper understanding of the organizations that are found on the University of Louisiana at Lafayette
4. Appreciate the importance of the contributions towards Philanthropy, Community Service, Scholarship, and Leadership Development seen by fraternities and sororities.

Currently the course is offered every Spring semester. If you are interested in this class, please contact Jackson Tidwell at