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Kappa Alpha Psi

The spring 2013 semester for The Theta Nu chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. was a very eventful one.  Six new initiates were brought into the chapter on April 30th.  The probate was one of our most popular events of the semester.  Earlier in the semester, we held a Miss Krimson and Kream scholarship pageant.  The pageant was based on grace, confidence, and moral values.  The winner, Dobrielle Gatlin, received a monetary prize of $500.  We enjoy having fun, but service is definitely a part of our organization.  We participated in many community service events such as; Campus Clean-up, Komen of Acadiana, Sacred Heart, and many more.  As we pride ourselves in every field of human endeavor, we also strive to achieve in the classroom.  This semester we, as a chapter, earned above the all-males Greek average.  At the Greek Awards, Kappa Alpha Psi received 5 out of 5 stars for our steady work throughout the academic school year.  Lastly, we as students, come to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette to graduate.  3 members of our chapter graduated in the spring of 2013: Derrick Dean, Emanuel Harding, and Paul Henny.  In the fall, we plan to have more events and other ways we can get more involved with the community.

Inter/National Website

Chapter Contacts

Chapter President
Quad White

Chaper Advisor
Ronald Cormier


As individuals the Brothers of the Theta Nu chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. are men of higher achievement and men of that make immediate impacts wherever they set goals.

  • Oliver Batiste was awarded The New Greek Man of the Year Award by NPHC.
  • Theta Nu’s presence was also felt at the 73rd Southwestern Province Council when four of the new initiates received awards to honor their achievements.
  • Paul Henny- Scholars Award and Legacy Award
  • Gavin Peters- Legacy Award
  • Jacques Ambers- Legacy Award
  • Lawrence Mason III- Legacy Award
  • Inter / National Website

Chapter Facts

In the fall semester of 1975, more specifically on December 14, 1975, nine ambitious undergraduate college students sought to start a new tradition on the campus the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (University of Southwestern Louisiana at that time).

  • Robert Broussard a.k.a. Bobby Bird III
  • Archie Burks
  • Danny Cottonham
  • Gavin Emmis
  • Jerome Galin
  • Marshall Joubert
  • Calvin Malveaux
  • Joseph Petry
  • Harold Porter

Thanks to their determination, endurance, and desire to be a part of the illustrious Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc., along with the help and guidance of brothers from neighboring chapters, they achieved their goal and on December 14, 1975, the Theta Nu Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi was born.

Theta Nu has members on the National Board in addition to those that are highly involved in the organization.

  • Dwayne M. Murray, Esq. - Grand Polemarch
  • Damion Mitchell- Undergraduate Board Member

Organization Facts

Brief history: college Fraternity, now comprised of functioning Undergraduate and Alumni Chapters on major campuses and in cities throughout the country, is the crystallization of a dream. It is the beautiful realization of a vision shared commonly by the late Revered Founders Elder Watson Diggs; John Milton Lee; Byron K. Armstrong; Guy Levis Grant; Ezra D. Alexander; Henry T. Asher; Marcus P. Blakemore; Paul W. Caine; Edward G. Irvin and George W. Edmonds.

It was the vision of these astute men that enabled them in the school year 1910 - 1911, more specifically the night of January 5, 1911, on the campus of Indiana University at Bloomington, Indiana, to sow the seed of a fraternal tree whose fruit is available to, and now enjoyed by, college men everywhere, regardless of their color, religion or national origin. It is a fact of which KAPPA ALPHA PSI is justly proud that the Constitution has never contained any clause which either excluded or suggested the exclusion of a man from membership merely because of his color, creed, or national origin. The Constitution of KAPPA ALPHA PSI is dedicated to, the principles of achievement through a truly democratic Fraternity.

Chartered and incorporated originally under the laws of the State of Indiana as Kappa Alpha Nu on May 15, 1911, the name was changed to KAPPA ALPHA PSI on a resolution offered and adopted at the Grand Chapter Meeting in December 1914. This change became effective April 15, 1915, on a proclamation by the then Grand Polemarch, Elder Watson Diggs. Thus, the name acquired a distinctive Greek letter symbol and KAPPA ALPHA PSI thereby became a Greek letter Fraternity in every sense of the designation.


As one of the model fraternities for many others to look up to, Kappa Alpha Psi has many achievements to be proud of. However the most important of all is the honoring by St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital this past year to Kappa Alpha Psi. As a result of the diligence to raise funds for the hospital, a wing of the hospital was renamed after the fraternity. To this date Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. has donated an estimated half a million dollars.